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nightlife in Pune

Nightlife in Pune

Introducing Pune Pune was up till recently a small city for families or people beyond a certain age. It was defined by a quiet life. It was also close to hill stations and the sea so many stopped here for a day or too. But with the burgeoning of industries and the advent of the …


List of Disc and Pubs in Pune

Hangout in Pune- Why not disc and pubs in Pune? Pune is a city better known as the Oxford of the East. It is vibrant city with a booming nightscape. There are many famous among the list of disc and pubs in Pune. In fact, finding a bar and restaurant in Pune is one of the …


Pune as one of the major IT hub in India

Pune as one of the major IT hub in India Pune has entered the league as one of India’s major cities. Its close proximity to India’s commercial hub Mumbai, coupled with great weather and easy access to a host of tourist spots has made Pune a great place to settle down in. Not just that, …

Top dance classes in Pune

List of Top dance classes in Pune

Dance as a hobby and profession Some wise man once said, ‘Dancing is like dreaming with your feet’ and we couldn’t have agreed more. Whether its ballet or ballroom or kathak, every dance form is magical in its own way. Some choose it as a hobby, and for some it is a profession where they …


What makes Pune exciting – Pune exciting places

Pune. Better known as the “Oxford of the East” to people who aren’t from the city, the land of Vadapavs to its locals – well, Joshi’s Vadapavs if you’d like to be more specific, and a “Pensioner’s Paradise”, to prospective retirees – especially those from the Defence services, has something for everyone. This city has …